FAQs related to use of Outdoor Cricket Facilities

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To read the ECB's COVID-19 FAQs, click here.

Further advice is available at the GOV.UK and Sport England websites. Please regularly check these sites and the updated ECB guidance as this policy position is likely to change over time and could also become more regionalised and localised as time progresses.

The guidelines stipulate there must be a club representative present during each booked session. What is a club representative?

The club representative is a person appointed by the club to undertake the role of managing the facility during a booked session. The person must understand the guidance, be familiar with the setup of the ground under COVID restrictions and emergency procedures. They should also be able to make arrangements to open toilets (if available).

The club, in appointing this person, must be sure that they can carry out the club’s operational duties which would apply under normal circumstances - but also those additional duties under the COVID-19 guidelines.

The club must also be sure this person can communicate the club’s conditions of booking, and if necessary control timings of activity if there is a mix up or people go beyond the allotted time. The club should identify such persons and maintain a list of these people who have agreed to and are appointed to carry out this role.

A representative can participate in a session or run a number of sessions within a continuous series (such as a coach who is an appointed representative and can carry out those duties safely), there is no requirement for a ‘third’ person in those circumstances.

The facilities check-list mentions an individual health and safety checklist, is this something we need to provide?

No. There is no need for an individual health and safety checklist. What the club should do is reiterate Government guidance that individuals who are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds should remain at home .

Can a coach work with different individuals from other households across separate sessions?

Yes. One individual from one household can use the facilities with one individual from another household, as long as social distancing measures are followed. In this instance, Coach X could work with Person A in one session and could then work with Person B in a separate session. The Government guidance states: “If you are a personal trainer/coach you can now work with clients outdoors, providing you are alone and only meeting with one person from outside of your household, outdoors, and you are staying a minimum of two metres apart. You can meet with different clients in a single day as long as it is only via one-to-one sessions and you are maintaining social distancing.”

Do clubs need to provide a First Aid kit?

As per the original guidance, clubs should ensure that they continue to comply with all health and safety requirements including having access to first aid and any appropriate emergency equipment (in some cases this may require limited access to the clubhouse).