Managing Vacant Buildings and Operating Safely

Managing Vacant Buildings and Operating Safely - ECB Guide for Recreational Cricket Clubs

The ECB thought it would be helpful to provide guidance on the management of health and safety for vacant or low occupancy buildings or spaces at recreational grounds.  Please click here to access the guide.

It highlights key considerations and actions to help prevent infection and transmission of COVID-19.  It is aimed at all clubs, venue providers, facilities managers, and others responsible for managing these areas at grounds and venues.

Future updates to follow will include information on bringing these spaces into use as government advice changes.  If you have any questions, please contact ECB at [email protected].

Keeping your Sports Facility Safe - Preventing and controlling the risk of Legionella when re-opening your Sports Facility

It is essential that that while many buildings, retail premises, offices and leisure facilities remain shut down due to the pandemic, that water systems within them are still well maintained to prevent future health issues like Legionella outbreaks. People who are recovering from Covid-19 are particularly susceptible to Legionnaires Disease.

It is particularly important clubs take advice on how to ensure that your water systems are safe, particularly where they have not been in use for weeks or months. If any water system has been shut down for a long time and has not been maintained there is an increased risk of growth of Legionella bacteria.  Legionella can cause serious illness at the best of times, but if contracted by those who have had or are susceptible to COVID-19, it can prove deadly.

To support clubs in understanding the risks associated with Legionella, Wiltshire Council have produced and shared a series of documents:

Legionella Letter

Public Health England Legionella Flyer

Legionella Control - Detailed Guidance