Club Affiliation

Introduction to Affiliation

Affiliation is the formal process by which your Club becomes a recognised member of the regulated cricket community. 

By affiliating to Wiltshire Cricket Limited you establish a relationship with us and, by extension, the England and Wales Cricket Board (“ECB”), that enables you to gain access to a whole host of benefits only available to affiliated clubs, such as access to a range of funding opportunities and entry to national competitions.

By affiliating you demonstrate a commitment to protecting the quality and integrity of the game through your acceptance of the regulatory jurisdiction of Wiltshire Cricket Limited and the ECB; in return, we will provide you with ongoing support to help you manage the challenges that arise during the course of running a cricket club. 

Club Affiliation Terms and Conditions

By affiliating to Wiltshire Cricket Limited, your Club agrees to:

1. adopt and enforce the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code (“AD Code”) and comply with the obligations and disciplinary process set out under the ECB General Conduct Regulations for Recreational Cricket (“GCRs”);

2. accept the jurisdiction of Wiltshire Cricket Limited to enforce the AD Code and the GCRs against the Club and its cricketers, coaches, committee members, officers, employees, contractors, members, match officials, volunteers and any other persons your Club exercises control over such as spectators (together, “Participants”);

3. ensure that all Participants agree to comply with their obligations under the AD Code, GCRs and the ECB’s Safeguarding Procedure, and accept the jurisdiction of Wiltshire Cricket Limited (and in the case of the Safeguarding Procedure, the ECB) to enforce the same;

4. adopt and implement the ECB’s “Safe Hands” Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy;

5. being registered on the ECB’s safeguarding management tool, the Safe Hands Management System;

6. recognise and give effect to:

7. adopt, comply with and enforce (as required), and accept the jurisdiction of Wiltshire Cricket Limited and/or the ECB to enforce, such other rules and regulations as may be required by the ECB from time to time and which are notified to your Club by Wiltshire Cricket Limited.

These conditions are set by the ECB and apply to all affiliated cricket clubs in England and Wales. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in your Club’s affiliation being suspended or withdrawn.

Categories of Affiliation

Non-Wiltshire clubs

Fee: £25

Clubs with no junior sections

Fee: £55

Clubs with junior sections

Fee: £65

Clubmark accredited clubs

Fee: £85