Facility Development and Project Management

When looking to develop a facility project it is important that careful planning takes place to ensure that a successful outcome is reached. To assist clubs with this the ECB has produced a document entitled; 'Developing a Project'. This document is relevant to any facility project and has been designed to offer advice that will meet the requirements of all potential partners or funders.

Developing a Project - from concept to completion

Whilst this document will offer advice around managing the development of a facility project it is also important that you seek first hand advice from Facility and Funding experts. Within the ECB there is a Facilities and Funding department that are available to meet with clubs to discuss facility developments.

Technical Specifications

As well as the guidance that ECB provides around generic facility projects, the ECB also has technical specification documents relevant to specific projects. When embarking on a development it is important that these specifications are considered and adhered to as they provide mandatory criteria that potential funders will look for when deciding whether to financially support a project. The documents also provide practical advice for cricket club officials and important information for designers or companies that are quoting for facility developments.

The list of technical specification documents are as follows:

TS2 - Cricket Specific Indoor Centres
TS3 - Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket provision
TS4 - Fine Turf - Guidelines for the construction, preparation and maintenance of Cricket Pitches and outfields at all levels of the game
TS5 - Pavilions and Clubhouses
TS6 - Non Turf pitches - Technical requirements and performance specification for non turf Cricket Pitches

ECB Approved Suppliers

For a current list of ECB Approved Non-Turf Pitch Systems & Suppliers, please download the file below:

ECB Approved NTP Suppliers