ExtraCover is the official Club Insurance Scheme of the ECB, designed solely for cricket clubs. Providers Marshall Wooldridge also offer a flexible range of cover for leagues, County Boards and associations.

ExtraCover insurance for cricket clubs 

ExtraCover is the ideal way for cricket clubs to insure against a wide range of risks – all in one simple policy, including: 

Download and read the full ExtraCover brochure (PDF). You can also download the ExtraCover Insurance Proposal Form here (PDF).

Types of cover for clubs 

Public Liability Insurance covers the legal liability of the club to pay compensation to members of the public where bodily injury or damage to their property is caused in connection with club activities.

Without Public Liability cover, clubs would be faced with the cost of the award of damages itself. Members of the club personally stand to lose their home and assets, so why take the risk? It is an ECB requirement for all clubs to attain this important cover.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provides the directors, officers and trustees of the club with protection against civil or criminal lawsuits and regulatory proceedings. Without this cover, members are placing their personal assets at risk. The cover provides a pool of money that can be drawn on to fund defence and settlement costs and pay for the costs of legal representation at investigations.

Personal Accident cover provides set benefits to all club members and while serious injuries are thankfully very rare, there have been occasions where a player or official has suffered damage to their eyesight or a serious accident.

Self-employed and other members who do not benefit from a workplace sickness scheme should ensure that any personal accident/sickness insurance they have arranged individually includes the playing of club cricket.

Avoiding under-insurance 

The increasing instance of large arson, theft and weather-related claims makes it more important than ever to ensure your sums insured are adequate. Under-insurance will lead to a total sum that is insufficient to meet the costs of rebuilding and replacing contents/ground machinery.

In the light of previous challenges and recent flood damage to clubs, we are keen to ensure that all affiliated clubs are correctly insured – and at the best available rates.

Under-insurance is a common problem in property insurance so it’s very important that the figures you insure your club property (buildings, contents and ground machinery) for are sensible and realistic. The sum insured is the maximum amount your insurer will pay providing any loss or damage can be shown to have occurred by one of the insured perils (e.g. fire, flood or theft).

In the event of a sum insured being inadequate, the amount paid to your club following a claim will be reduced in proportion to the level of under-insurance. This is known as the ‘Average’ condition and is incorporated into property insurance policies by all UK insurance companies.

Under-insurance can potentially cause great hardship to your club so always seek professional guidance to check that your sums insured are adequate.

Broker helpline 

For expert advice and assistance concerning quotations, arranging cover and settlement of claims for your club, contact the ExtraCover team at Marshall Wooldridge: 

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