Creating Welcoming Environments

Developed as part of a range of ECB initiatives aimed at making cricket a game for everyone as we strive to increase the number of people playing cricket recreationally through a strong, sustainable and inclusive club network which ensures that everyone is made to feel welcome and an integral part of the club cricket landscape. The Creating Welcoming Environments document is intended to provide guidance for cricket clubs to help make cricket facilities more inclusive and welcoming to all, by creating better environments for everyone using them and to encourage a more diverse range of people to join cricket clubs and get involved in the game at a recreational level. Club facilities are an important factor in ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, faith or disability, feels comfortable within the club environment.  

Creating Welcoming Environments Guide

This guide has been designed to help all cricket clubs examine their existing facilities and identify areas where improvement works could make a difference to how welcome different users feel within the club. It also supports funders and designers throughout the process of identifying improvement works aimed at removing barriers to participation in cricket and helping everyone feel more welcome.

Creating Welcoming Environments Guide

To assist clubs in assessing where they may need to improve their facilities to make them more welcoming and inclusive, the ECB has developed a couple of self-assessment documents:

Facilities Review Checklist

Facilities Review Survey